The elegance that combines modernity and tradition.
Symbol of Ancona's hospitality for more than 50 years.

Since its opening, in 1958, the hotel stands out as the most important hotel in Ancona, located in the most prestigious district of the city, the area of Passetto, and it has always been the point of reference of the city centre's hospitality.

The Grand Hotel Passetto has always belonged to the Piermattei family and it was opened in 1958, ten years after the realisation of the historic restaurant Passetto, just in front of the hotel.

Ornella Piermattei, current owner of the Hotel, tells with pride the story of her parents, Aldo Piermattei and Maria Tebaldi, that realized both the Hotel and the Restaurant Passetto:" My father, Aldo Piermattei, was born in Pietralacroce, on the 15th of June 1901, and he was the son of a wine producer and merchant. First of seven children, we he was only eighteen years old he took part in the expedition to Fiume conducted by D'Annunzio. When he came back to Ancona in 1923, at the age of 22 years, he started his activity in the restaurant industry working side by side with his father, taking over the running of the tavern of "Gobbo di Tagliarì", historic building in Santa Margherita Street. During these years my father started his training in the restaurant industry with the help of Giovanni, a skilful cook that gained his experience working for years in Switzerland. On 27th of February 1933 my father got married with my mother, Maria Tebaldi, born in Pesaro on 1st of October 1904, aunt of the famous opera singer, Renata Tebaldi. Thanks also to the assistance of my mother, the restaurant started to gain success and to be popular both in winter and in summer, when a green gazebo was put up in the external garden overlooking the sea.

In 1948 my father decided to invest the profits of this flourishing activity in the construction of the famous circular building that still hosts the Restaurant Passetto, designed by the famous engineer Costanzi from Ancona. The restaurant became soon the point of reference for the inhabitants of Ancona and its privileged location, just in front the war memorial and with a breath-taking view over the sea, increased its reputation and fame. Ten years after, just in front of the restaurant, the Grand Hotel Passetto was inaugurated, with the typical structure in 50's style with the shade sails covers on the overhanging terrace: the city of Ancona could finally boast the presence of structures able to host reputed guests."

Nowadays Mrs Ornella Piermattei, with the support of her daughters Francesca and Lorenza, carries on the management of the family's hotel with the same passion and care that had characterized the activity of her parents.

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