The elegance that brings together modernity and tradition

Located in the centre of Ancona, in the most prestigious and elegant district of the city, the Grand Hotel Passetto is an historic building and it's always been the benchmark of the high grade hospitality of the regional capital.

Overlooking the sea and one of the most important monuments of the town, the Passetto, from which it takes its name, this elegant hotel is the ideal choice for an exclusive stay in Ancona.
Saint Valentine's Day 2016 at Grand Hotel Passetto
For S. Valentine, lovers's day, a romantic stay a few steps from the sea, in a comfortable and relaxing 4 star...
Grand Hotel Passetto - Partner Fidal Marche 2016
Grand Hotel Passetto and Indoor Season Fidal 2016 at PALAINDOOR BANCA MARCHE PALAS.Here the special rates of...
Grand Hotel Passetto - Gym Partner
Grand Hotel Passetto is Partner with Associazione Ginnastica Giovanile in Ancona for the important event at PalaPrometeo Estra, on 4th-5th...
Hotel “bike friendly”, ideal starting point to discovery extraordinary territories
The Grand Hotel Passetto always pays attention to promote a healthy, environmentally and slow vehicle such as bike...
Grand Hotel Passetto near Airport of Marche Region: Ancona - Falconara "Raffaello Sanzio"
The airport of Ancona - Falconara, also referred to by the trade name of airport of Marche Region  "Raffaello...
Palarossini and Ancona Conero Stadium
Only 8 km South from the city center, you'll find Palarossini Palasport and Conero Stadium: Grand Hotel Passetto can advise you regarding...
The Lazzaretto - Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona in Marche Region
'The Lazzaretto (Laemocomium or "Mole Vanvitelliana"), planned by architect Luigi Vanvitelli in...
Cardeto Park
'High up above the sea there is Cardeto Park, a large area of about 35 hectares close to the centre of the city; it is the largest Ancona urban...
The monument dedicated to the fallen of World War I
At the end of Viale della Vittoria, there is the Passetto area dominated by the monument dedicated to the fallen of...
NEW Partnership with Fidal Marche Indoor 2016
Grand Hotel Passetto and Indoor Season Fidal 2016 at PALAINDOOR BANCA MARCHE PALAS.Here the special...
NEW Partnership with Fidal Marche Indoor 2016
Grand Hotel Passetto and Indoor Season Fidal 2016 at PALAINDOOR BANCA MARCHE PALAS.Here the special...
The only BIKERS HOTEL in Ancona
Our Hotel, a familiar and friendly place to return after your adventure or your workout. FREE SERVICES FOR OUR GUESTS: Secure storage...
Rich program of concerts and shows in Ancona and surroundings
Ancona with its theatres and Palarossini is always involved in organizing various events. Not only Ancona, but also...
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Grand Hotel Passetto
via Thaon de Revel, 1
60124 Ancona (An)
Tel +39 071 31307
Fax +39 071 32856
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